It’s easy to share your photos with your custom My Archive site. When viewing a photo you want to share, click on the “Share” tab in the top right. A box will appear after you’ve clicked “Share” and there are two important tabs to choose from:  “Share Photo” or “Share Gallery.” Choosing “Share Photo” is for sharing the image you are currently viewing, and “Share Gallery” is for sharing the whole gallery.

After you’ve chosen the correct tab, you will see either “Link to Photo” with a web address underneath, or  “Link to Gallery” with a web address underneath. You can paste this link into a Facebook post or an email.

Whoever you share your photos or gallery with will only be able to access the specific item you shared. To share access to your entire My Archive site you must also share your username and password.


My Archive has the ability to “Favorite” photos. This will help you get organized for future projects such as slideshows and photo books that warrant the selection of certain photos.

To favorite a photo, hover your mouse over the top right corner of a photo and click the heart. This will add the selected photo to your favorites folder. You can access this folder by hovering over the top left corner where it says “My Selection” and choose edit.

In order for any favorites you select to SAVE, you must first REGISTER your account. This username and password will be known only to you and you can register from the top right corner of your dashboard. This registration can also be utilized to save your information when ordering products. EverPresent does not have access to your billing information.


 My Archive has an easy process for ordering prints, phone cases, iPad cases, coffee mugs and art. 

To order, navigate to the photo you’d like to use for your product and choose your selection from the list of options on the bottom right.

Select your quantity and “Add to cart.” Once you’ve chosen all your items, view your cart from the top right hand corner. Once in your cart, there will be prompts highlighted in red that give you options for placement, zooming and cropping. You do not have to do this for every print you order, but it is recommended when ordering artwork or specialty products. 

Once the cart has been filled and you’ve finished making optimization decisions, you may place your order like any other online ordering system. It will prompt you to register or log in. This is the same username and password you need to save your favorites, but it is optional in this case.  


All of the images in your custom My Archive site are the full resolution scans we have done for you. To download an individual photo, hover over the top left corner of the photo. A menu options dropdown will appear and one of your options will be “Download.” To choose just the photo, select “Original.” To download all the photos in that folder, select “All originals.”


Our online service is complimentary for 90 days. Afterwards you may opt in to your monthly subscription packages, the cost of which are outlined below. You may choose to do this at any point before your My Archive expiration date. Pricing is based on the size of your archive. That information is located on the Welcome to My Archive document you received when your order was returned to you. 

EverPresent will send you an email reminder before the date of your My Archive expiration.